Empowered, autonomous and responsible youth leadership is the heart of Scouting.  The job of Scoutmaster is to maintain a safe environment where the youth leadership is free to function with full responsibility -- to encourage, coach and mentor rather than manage, delegate and compel.*  Scouting Founder Sir Robert Baden-Powell once said, “The Scoutmaster teaches boys to play the game by doing so himself.”  

Here are Troop 873’s past (and current) Scoutmasters:

Charles Boyer1957 - 1958
Fred Doez1958 - 1960
 Martin Trusty1960 - 1961
Ed Younger1961 - 1963
Art Cramer1963 - 1968
Jimmie Porter1969
John Walker1970 - 1973
Walt Burke1974
Gene Phipps1974 - 1976
Guy Appel1977 - 1978
Jack Lorden1979 - 1981
Phil Nord1982 - 1985
Mike Karvar1986 - 1989
Scott King1989 - 1996
John Barber1996 - 2006
Scott King2006 - 2009
 Achille Broennimann2009 - Present

*Wording borrowed from "Why Scouts Advance" on the Scoutmaster Clarke Green's  Blog, http://www.scoutmastercg.com

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