Court of Honor, June 5, 2014

Scout Rank Merit Badges
Bryce B

Citizenship in the Nation*
Matt B.

Citizenship in the Nation*, Family LIfe*, Personal Management*, Rifle Shooting
Raymond B

Art, Citizenship in the Nation*, Rifle Shooting
Javon C.

Christopher C.

Rifle Shooting
Tommy C.

Citizenship in the Nation*, Personal Management*, Rifle Shooting
Matt D.

Camping*, Rifle Shooting
Jake H.
Star Citizenship in the World*, Cooking*, Family Life*, Personal Management*, Rifle Shooting
Emerson H.
Citizenship in the Nation*, Communication*, Personal Managment*
Nick H.

Citizenship in the Nation*
Andrew H.
Citizenship in the World*, Family LIfe*, Personal Management*, Rifle Shooting
Jordan K.

Nate L.

Ian M.

Space Exploration
Nick M.

Drafting, Rifle Shooting
Cory N.
Citizenship in the Nation*
Jonathon P.

Electricity, Personal Management*

 * Denotes Eagle-required merit badge.

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